Human resources

The HR is run on modern lines. The employees are considered the most important asset. In a short time Moringa has attracted the best talent of the industry. A participative and friendly environment is provided that allows them to be creative and innovative with a very strong focus on delegation and team work. Respect of the individual both at personal and professional level is what distinguishes Moringa from the rest.

The HR ensures that the best is provided to its people so that they may give their best to the company. HR has set forth HR System Manual and pledge continued efforts to carry out periodic review by aligning HR policies with organizational mission and strategic goals.

Manufacturing Plant


  • Total area 36,500 sq. ft.
  • Covered area 18,025 sq. ft each on ground and first floor.

cGMP compliant plant

  • Facility of Microbiological lab.
  • 16 HVAC system.

Production capability:

  • Oral solids
  • Tablets (Blisters 360,000/month)
  • Capsules (1.2million/month)
  • Liquids (Syrups) 1million/month
  • Dry powder suspension (500,000/month)

Double Pass Reverse Osmosis System:

  • Purified water processed by Double RO System with a output of 500 L/hour in final phase.

Regulatory Department

The regulatory department of Moringa Pharmaceuticals prepares, coordinates, manages and maintains simple and complex regulatory submissions that include initial submissions and re-registrations. It has actively contributed to the development and implementation of regulatory strategies for assigned projects. The department is busy in implementing and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS).

It is an interface with external regulatory groups (e.g., Local Agents, partners, consultants, etc.) in the preparation/ review/ compilation/ finalization/ submission/posting of regulatory submissions. The department has provided regulatory support for developments, manufacturing, post approval etc. and has been instrumental in monitoring the progress of company towards fulfilment of regulatory commitments. It has initiated and contributed to local process improvements which have impact on Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and other departments.

The department played a key role in the Site registration for GMP audit and renewal of facility license by ensuring all the necessary documentation which proves its effectiveness.

Marketing Department

With a combined experience of more than six decades, Moringa’s leadership marketing team is proud of its heritage and brand. We take pride in our expertise and diversity. We are combining our individual strengths to become a worthy competitor to deliver and optimize Moringa’s brand promise. We believe that marketing is the key driver and creativity and innovation is appreciated and supported at all levels. The focus is on Customers’ satisfaction and services ethically through a professional team that is energetic, enabled and trained.

The marketing approach of Moringa Pharmaceuticals is based on professional ethics. Diverse and vast knowledge, experience and dedicated team spirit are the key factor, for which we are immensely proud. We have a diligent, effective and efficient working attitude and we believe in exploring new spheres of professional and personal growth. Moringa’s teamwork and fierce loyalty sets it apart from the competition.

Supply Chain


Supply chain plays an important role in creating competitive advantages for organizations and the success of any organization. Pharmaceutical supply chain is more complex than many other supply chains, in the sense that it can affect social and political perspectives. On the other hand, managing the pharmaceutical supply chain is difficult because of its complexity and also government regulations in this field. The Supply Chain of Moringa is up-to-date with the current legislations and regulations. The sourcing of raw material as well as all other material is done on the basis of quality and competitive pricing. A fully dedicated experience executive is in place to deal with the daily chores and challenges faced in such a fiercely competitive environment.


The finance department of Moringa Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Limited include planning, organizing,
auditing, accounting for and controlling the company’s finances. The finance department also
manages the money and produces the company’s financial statements.


Moringa IT department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer network systems
within a company. Its primary function is to ensure that the network runs smoothly. Moringa’s
IT department evaluates and install the proper hardware and software necessary to keep the
network functioning properly.