Quality Policy

Quality is a continuous commitment at Moringa Pharmaceuticals  in terms of Systems, Services, Products, Safety and Environment for the benefit of our customers and all stakeholders.


GMP – Certificate Of Current Good Manufacturing Practices

Starting the Production Operations in September 2018, Moringa qualified for the GMP compliance certificate in October 2019, granted by the competent Regulatory Authority DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan) attributes to as the most prestigious qualification of a manufacturer in all aspects of Pharmaceutical Drug Fabrication. Besides Moringa’s commitment to carry on with the code of GMP, the directives of ICH, WHO/FDA are also keenly followed to meet International Regulatory scenarios.

Halal Certificate

Out of 800 plus Licensed Pharmaceutical manufacturing units in Pakistan (around 600 are functional), approximately 60% (440 units) of them belong to Punjab, Pakistan. Moringa, as of January 2020, is the first company in Punjab, Pakistan and the Third one in the overall State of Pakistan to have qualified for the Halal Standard of Health Care Products (previously 3733:2016 now 5442:2019) by PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority). The Halal Certification of Moringa, granted by SANHA Halal Associates Pakistan (Accredited by PNAC, Pakistan National Accreditation Council), affirms the Pharma industry and ensures all users of Moringa’s Pharma Drug Products that every Raw Material (API/Excipient/Primary package) being used in Moringa’s Tablet/ Capsules/ Syrups etc is Halal being taken from a genuine Halal Source duly approved by a Certifying Body (Not Self claimed).

GS1 Pakistan Company Certificate

The future of Pharmaceutical Drug Selling takes it’s way through Drug Product Serialization. Foreseeing the future Business perspective besides Moringa’s commitment to abide by the Global Business Communication Rules made the company to acquire the GS1 License in March 2018 having the company prefix as 8964001800, which is in compliance with the SRO 470 of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan on the serialization of Pharmaceutical Drug Products. Every secondary unit carton of Moringa’s drug product, intended for commercial purpose, besides a 2-D data Matrix also bears a unique Bar code as allocated by the GS 1 corporate.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Moringa Pharmaceuticals earned the Standard on Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 by DAS Pakistan (Pvt) Limited in October 2019, demonstrating the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and Regulatory requirements. The corporate Vision aims to acquire Occupational Health Safety and Assessment Measurement Standard OHSAS ISO 18001 and Environmental management System EMS 14001 also.